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Hate dealing with insurance companies? We know you do. That's why we take care of insurance submissons for you...

Maple Lawn Dental Care, Llc in Fulton

We are proud to be the first dental office that opened within Maple Lawn to serve its residents, workers, and surrounding communities including Laurel, Columbia, Burtonsville, and Clarksville since 2008. We've streamlined the entire dental process to make sure appointments are efficient and cost effective.  We handle all your insurance details and pledge that there will be no unpleasant surprises.  We sincerely care about your happiness.

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at the Midtown Medical Building within the

Maple Lawn community in Fulton

Our COVID-19 Response

We were ready for COVID-19 before there was COVID-19.

  • Industry leading 12 feet high treatment rooms with built-in commercial grade air evacuation system in each treatment room for maximum air refresh.
  • Ultraviolet (UV-C spectrum) lights proven to kill viruses installed in every treatment room and utilized after each patient treatment.
  • Floor to ceiling wall and glass partition between the waiting room and reception.  
  • Upgraded to the latest sterilization machines that simultaneously utilizes maximum heat, pressure, and humidity to sterilize all dental tools.
  • All surfaces that a patient touches in the treatment rooms are covered with plastic and disposed of after each use.
  • ​Ozone generating fumigation utilized nightly for enhanced air and surface sterilization.
  • Currently limiting our entire 2,100 square feet office space to one patient or family at a time.
  • Frequent, Independent lab monitoring tests of our sterilization protocol to assure bacterial/viral kill.

Patient quotes posted on Google, Yelp, and other review sites: 

Yes, we're taking on new customers now!  Please call us at 301-725-0990 to be seen as soon as possible.  We normally set aside an open slot every week.

About the Doctor

Dr. Gwen Ngo, DDS is a University of Maryland Dental School graduate from the class of 2000.
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I was scheduled for a 4:00 appointment and got a text from "Tom" that the Doc was running about 20-30 minutes behind schedule due to an emergency from a patient that was 10 y.o. that just fell out of bed and landed right in his face with his parents concerned that damage was done to their kid's mouth.  WOW!  A doc''s office notifying their patient beforehand that they're running behind.  THE first time that's ever happened to me!  Dr. Gwen Ngo truly cares and expects her staff to truly care!

-Bobby T.

Our Services

  • Ultrasonic Cleaning
  • Digital Xrays
  • Composite Fillings
  • Sealants
  • Crowns
  • Stain Removal
  • Desensitize
  • Perio Treatments
  • Occlusal Adjustments
  • Pain Management
  • Infection Control

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Dr. Gwen Ngo has been looking after my teeth since I was a child! I was able to make an appointment on a Friday evening, which worked out great for me. I had a great experience booking the appointment.  As always some of the most down to earth professionals you'll deal with. Walking into their practice was a blast of the past, and realized how consistent they have been from then until now. This is such a clean place, everything is in its place, which speaks to their attention to detail. I have such sensitive teeth, and Dr. Gwen Ngo made sure that I was not in any pain, procedure was done at my pace, and done by hand to ensure that I would be comfortable. The staff are easy to talk so, again very down to earth, and very knowledgeable. My 6 year old was waiting for me in the waiting area, a nice age appropriate movie was on so he was entertained. Only have great things to say and would recommend them to anyone that wants to have a good all around experience at the dentist.

-Yvette B.

Dr. Ngo is fantastic. I was looking for a new dentist since I changed locations at work, and the service was nothing less than phenomenal. Dr. Ngo is very knowledgeable and took her time to explain what she saw as she was cleaning my teeth. I felt like I was in dentistry 101! Her skill and perfectionism left me feeling great and brightened up my smile quite a bit. Even if I had to relocate for another job, I could see myself seeing her consistently as it would be very worth the trip and hard to find anyone else with her care, skill, and expertise.

​-Ryan R.

Great service. I have been going to Dr. Ngo's practice for several years and have always left very satisfied with her work. The front desk has always been prompt and professional.  Setup is very modern in regards to the facility design and equipment.  I'm comfortable asking any questions about my teeth and hygiene.  I've recommended many friends to her for dental work.

-Duy N.

Fantastic office and dental visits are always smooth with short wait times (never longer than 15 minutes and usually under 5 minutes).  The staff handles all my insurance details and incorporates my coverage into the Dr.'s treatment planning.  Dr. Gwen Ngo is always great, friendly, and professional.  I highly recommend this place since they treat you like a valued patient as opposed to just another person in an assembly line.  They even called and emailed me after my visit to make sure I was happy with their services.

-Brian S.

i always saw my dentist every 6 months. he left 2 years ago and his replacement wasn't my choice. i've had some anxiety over finding a new dentist as i have sensitive teeth. i did have a horrible experience within the past year. so bad in fact that eventually i'll have to have the root canal redone.

today was my first visit and dr ngo is excellent! i was rather nervous. dr ngo has an innate soothing nature and she explains all procedures before and during the appointment. dr ngo also gives helpful information to keep your teeth in great shape until your next visit.

front desk reception is welcoming and kind. i give an A+ and will go back to my life long habit of a cleaning every 6 months. don't be fooled by imitators. you'll want to see dr ngo personally.

-Doll L.

Dr. Ngo has been my dentist since I was a kid.  I couldn't imagine going to another dentist. I have known her since she started her first practice in Silver Spring. Her new practice in Maple Lawn is amazing with all digital x-rays and everything brand new.  She is meticulous with infection control, which I LOVE!  If you need a dentist, she is the one to go to. I would not trust anyone else.

-Victoria H.

Dr. Gwen Ngo provides excellent service. She comes across as being very comfortable and skilled. I will definitely come back and refer my friends.

-Chris L.