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About Us

     The fact that you care enough to link to this page and read about us indicates you truly care in selecting a dental office that is right for you.  We also truly care that our patients are happy with us.  That's the first start for a lasting relationship.  At Maple Lawn Dental Care at Midtown Medical, we pride ourselves in certain distinguishing characteristics that set us apart.  First, we are not a "factory".  High volume aimed at producing a bottom line is not our approach.  Such a business model produces longer than average wait times, lower quality work, and overall stress for everyone.  We strive to provide service that is on time with predictable outcomes.  Second, we know that your money is valuable regardless of your economic background.  We will do everything in our ability from pre-authorizing insurance payments to maximizing your insurance benefits to assure that you don't waste more money on premiums that you already pay monthly.  Third, you will always be seen by our principal dentist, Dr. Gwen Ngo, at every visit whether it be just a periodic cleaning or a complicated procedure lasting hours.  Predictability is one of the most comforting factors for patients.  We want to know you and your expectations so that future visits are efficient and cost effective.  We look forward to meeting you!